Cappadocia Dishes

Cappadocia Dishes

What can be eaten in Cappadocia? We will give you some useful information you can eat while you are in Cappadocia.

It would be ordinary to say that Turkish food is delicious. Delicious, beyond delicious, incredibly delicious. Testi kebap and other kebabs, salads, pitas, desserts, teas, coffees are special foods of Cappadocia. If you visit Cappadocia for one day, do not hesitate to choose the food list we will provide here. If possible, order other meals every day and at each meal. One day you should eat dried beans in casserole, the next day you should try the delicious dolaz, that is one of the different flavors on the list.

Pottery Kebab or Testi Kebap

In Turkish culture, especially dishes made with meat are very popular. Among them, the Pottery kebab is a very famous, delicious, and healthy dish. How is the Pottery kebab made? It would be good to give a short recipe for those who wonder the answer to their question.

Testi kebap is a dish discovered in the touristic region of Nevşehir Kapodokya. For those who ask What can be eaten in Cappadocia? And, for those who have no idea what the Pottery Kebab is, we can summarize the dish as following:

  • If the Pottery kebap is cooked in a wood fire, it will give a great taste. The taste of Pottery kebab, which comes out with the perfect harmony of diced meat, onion, tomato, green pepper, and garlic, must be tried.
  • First, the tomatoes are peeled and the peppers are pitted. Onions and garlic are peeled. Salt and pepper are added and mixed with meat. A few spoons of butter is put on the ground of the previously prepared jug. The meat that has been mixed with spices and other ingredients is poured into the jug, then a little butter is added again. Before baking, the jug is covered with bread dough, and the meat is allowed to be steamed.

The Pottery Kebab is cooked on a wood fire for about 2 hours. After the Pottery Kebab is cooked, it drains the water and is served in that way.

Dried Beans İn Casserole

What can be eaten in Cappadocia? The first meal we recommended was Testi Kebap. A type of local dish that we can recommend afterward will be dried beans in casserole, one of the casseroles. Eating this dish always has a different flavor. Stew pans are generally not used much. Because metal pots or a pressure cooker are easier to use for cooks. However, we recommend that those who have the time, even if rarely, cook and eat in the stew.

Because the dishes cooked in a casserole are cooked slowly and thoroughly. Of course, one of the dishes that go well with the casserole is dried beans. It can preferably be with or without meat. We will try to describe enough food to satisfy the curiosity of those who have no idea what the casserole is.

Dried beans in casserole dish is heated on the stove. A little olive oil is poured in and the meats chopped into small pieces are added and roasted. Coarsely chopped onion and garlic are added to the casserole. Coarsely chopped potatoes and carrots are also added. Beans are added. Frozen peppers are chopped and added.

It is peeled and chopped in tomatoes and poured on top. Butter is also added. Salt and pepper are added. Hot water is poured, the lid is closed and covered with an aluminum foil. It is cooked on low heat. After cooking a little on the stove, it is baked in a preheated 180-degree oven.

Dolaz Dessert

What can be eaten in Cappadocia especially the dessert choices?

Dolaz is a kind of sweet dessert unique to Nevşehir. Egg, flour, and water are mixed and turned into a slurry. It is mixed in preheated oil and cooked until it turns pink. Then it is taken in a bowl, molasses is poured on it and served.

Dolaz is considered one of the most characteristic desserts of the region eaten in Nevşehir region. It is similar to flour halva. It makes the flavor of dolaz completely different thanks to the way the eggs and dolaz are cooked. The dessert, which is made with molasses made from grapes in the Cappadocia Region, is served by adding walnuts in it or sprinkling walnuts on it.

 You should definitely taste the local flavor of Cappadocia, "Dolaz".

For those who are curious about the dolaz recipe, it is useful to mention it briefly. Eggs are broken and whisked well. Sugar and milk are added and mixed. Flour is added to this and mixed with a whisk until all the ingredients are integrated. Butter is melted. This mixture is poured on it and it is cooked for about 20-30 minutes over medium heat. The flour collects and reaches a halvah-like consistency. It is shaped with a full spoon and put on a serving plate. Thin molasses is poured on it with a spoon. Dolaz is sprinkled with walnuts and then served.

Other Dessert of Cappadocia

What can be eaten in Cappadocia what are the other choices of dessert?

Turkish Delight: The texture of this sweet treat is different. It was not dough. It has a soft elastic structure. There are many varieties of Turkish delight with added nuts or other dry foods.

Künefe: Very popular in Turkey. Originally comes from Antakya. Chopped wheat is filled with melted cheese and sherbet is poured on top. Better to eat after dried beans in casserole.

Maraş Ice Cream: You can find this unique ice cream in many tourist centers. The jokingly fun show that the ice-cream sellers have for their Customers is as good as ice cream. Better to eat after Pottery Kebab.

Baklava: Thin dough is filled with hazelnuts and sugar syrup is poured over it.


What can be eaten in Cappadocia for breakfast?

1. Menemen - Tomatoes, onions, and peppers are chopped and cooked in a pan with a little oil. Spices and beaten eggs are added. Menemen is consumed by local people almost every day in homes and restaurants. It is difficult to find it as a standard breakfast in hotels. The price of the breakfast plate varies depending on the center, hotel, and restaurant.

2. Breakfast plate - Boiled and peeled eggs, sliced ​​cucumber, thin or shaped sliced ​​tomato, green and black olives, sliced ​​salami, a few slices of feta cheese, sliced ​​cheddar, dough with cheddar, jelly, and various pastes. It can be specially prepared for single, double, or multiple groups. Some snacks are guaranteed unlimited eating.