Places to Visit in Goreme

Places to Visit in Goreme

Goreme Open-Air Museum is one of the must-see sights when we go to Cappadocia. Goreme, which is home to a very large Byzantine monastery settlement, carries the traces of an important period of Byzantine Church architecture and religious art history. The most beautiful churches in Goreme Open-Air Museum, which has become one of the rare places of natural, historical, cultural and religious significance in the world and entered the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985, are Elmali, Karanlik and Tokali churches.

The Dark Church is a domed four-column monastery built in the 11th century and the church with frescoes in the best condition of Cappadocia geography. Since it has a small window, very little daylight has entered the church from the past to this time, so the richness of color of the decorations has survived to the present day. Scenes from the New Testament were depicted on the domes. The faces of the Prophet Jesus and his apostles on the murals carved by the enemies of the past, are now protected.

Goreme Open-Air Museum visiting hours are 08 AM – 07 PM in the Summer Season (April 1 - October 1), 08 AM- 5 PM in the Winter Season (October 1 - April 1). The ticket sales office closes at 6.30 PM in the Summer and 4.15 PM in the Winter Season. The Open-Air museum is open to visitors 7 days a week. Goreme Open-Air Museum entrance fee is 75 Turkish Lira, but the Museum Pass is also valid.

There are many churches, monasteries and remains of living areas in the Gulludere Valley, located between Cavusin and Goreme. Gulludere, which is popular as a trekking track where Fairy Chimney Inn (Peribacalari) formations can be watched best, has an area of ​​approximately 4 kilometers and can only be covered on foot. 3 Hacli Church and Ayvali Church are worth seeing when you go there.

Zemi Valley is a place that we can reach before reaching Urgup-Nevsehir. The valley extending in the north-south direction to the east of Uchisar is located between Goreme Open-Air Museum. The 5600-meter valley between the beginning of the valley and Goreme is suitable for nature walks and has become one of the important tracks. Sarnic Church, Sakli Church, Gorkundere Church and El Nazar Church are some of the places we should visit in the valley.

Aşk (The Love) Valley is 4900 meters long, starting from Orencik on the Goreme-Uchisar road and ending on the Goreme-Avanos road, also known as the Bagdere Valley. This valley, where balloon tours adapt according to the weather conditions, is also very suitable for walking between places to visit in Cappadocia.

Sunset Point, as the name implies, is one of the most special regions of Cappadocia to watch the sunset in Goreme. As Cappadocia looks red at sunset, go here to end the day with a beautiful view.